My Vacation Weekend

My roommate Tim put it pretty well this past Sunday by saying that it felt like we were on vacation.  Starting Friday afternoon, I put school to the side and enjoyed the weather with my friends and took a break from school.  The quarter has already flown by, and I was prepared to study a lot for my midterms this weekend.  I had a lab report to write, a couple of exams to study for, and a good amount of work that I needed to catch up on.  But, it had been a long time coming to take a break and enjoy the weather. 

My Friday morning started at 8:30 am when I was preparing a reaction for a project in the lab (there's more to come about this).  At 9 am, I had a class that I am taking to prepare to lead a service immersion trip next year.  At 9:40am, I headed to organic chemistry for an hour.  After chemistry, I went back to my other class until noon, grabbed lunch at Taco Joint with a couple of friends in the class, and went back to take a nap at my apartment.  That's when my vacation weekend started. 

My friends knocked on my door and I decided a nap could wait.  We went to Michael's to pick up art supplies (for my friend).  We took the train to the Belmont stop but decided to walk back to campus because it was so nice out.  On our way home, we grabbed a treat at Caribou coffee and enjoyed the weather and good company.

Friday afternoon we hung out on the roof of my apartment and enjoyed the weather.  My friend Delaney was paining a canvas for her room and the rest of us were just hanging out.  Once it got dark, we bundled up on the roof with some blankets, listened to music, and enjoyed each other's company.  Friday night seven friends and I went to a late dinner at Homeslice, the newest pizza place close to DePaul's campus.  The food was pretty dang good and we had a great time.  Because I had to get up early Saturday morning, I went to bed at a decent time Friday night.

My good friend Delaney's piece of artwork

Saturday we had a visit day for prospective students and I gave a few tours.  It was an incredible day to visit campus because tons of students were outside hanging out on the quad.  Campus was active and it was finally coming back to life after a long winter.  After the visit day, a couple of my friends and I laid in the sun on the quad until it got dark.  That night I had a group that I meet with every week over for dinner.  We made shrimp summer rolls, caprese salad, and ate some delicious bread and cheese. 

My Sunday started at about noon when I woke up.  I had procrastinated doing work all weekend and really wasn't looking forward to everything I had to do.  Unfortunately my vacation mentality didn't go away until about 9pm Sunday night.  I was up really late Sunday night and woke up before the sun rose Monday morning.  Looking back on the weekend, it was 100% worth it to take a little break from so much school work.

The weekend was the most refreshing break that I have had in a long time, and it got me excited for the warm weather that is coming.  The highlight of my weekend was all the time I got to spend with my friends and the relaxation of not worrying about school work.

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