The Start of a New Quarter

This past Monday (April 1) we started our spring quarter.  It was a quick jump back in to the swing of school after a relaxing week of spring break.  Spring break was refreshing because I bummed around a lot, worked for a few days for the chemistry department and gave tours, and then I went home for a few days. At home, I had the opportunity to shadow an oncologist and had a mind-blowing experience.  I also got to catch up with my friends and family back home, and soon enough I found myself back in Chicago ready for another quarter to start.  It’s probably going to be the most challenging and busy quarter that I’ve had yet, but I’m really excited about my classes and professors so far. 

Here’s my class schedule for the quarter and what I think about the classes so far: 

CHE 234/235: Organic Chemistry 3 and Lab

This is the final class in the organic chemistry year long sequence and I’m pretty excited about what we are going to cover.  The class is taught by Dr. Caitlin Karver, the same professor that I have had for the entire year of organic chemistry.  There are about 60 students in the class but there is still a nice element of personal attention and Dr. Karver makes it a point that everyone has the help they need.  We're going to continue to incorporate more biological concepts and learn about the basics of medicines, nutrition, and other cool reactions that go on in our bodies.

HON 201: States, Markets, and Societies

There are three honors requirements for sophomores and this will be my last “gen-ed”, you could say.  The class will focus on international globalization and the effect of policy on international trade and economics.  It’s definitely not something I’ve thought or learned much about, so it should be interesting. 

CMNS 315: Intro to Health Communication

This class might turn out to by my favorite this quarter.  It meets on Monday nights in the Loop, and there are about 20 students in the class.  My professor, Dr. Elissa Foster, really set the tone for an incredible class because she is calming, in touch with students and the academic experience, and someone that really acknowledges and appreciates the presence of the people she is around.  Not to mention- she’s Australian and has experience revamping a family medicine program to facilitate better communication at all levels in a hospital setting.  It’s a combined undergrad/graduate course, so it’s not going to be a blow off class, but it’s really going to contribute to my experience and preparation for medical school.  I got home after the first class and told all of my roommates they really need to come sit in on a class and see how great the professor is-  we'll see if they follow through.

BIO 215: Cell Biology

Although it’s not a major requirement for chemistry, this class will be one of a few that I take to prepare for medical school and meet the admissions recommendations for prerequisite coursework. I’m incredibly intrigued by this stuff and really looking forward to understanding better what is happening at the cellular level in our bodies. 

SOC 223: The Sociology of Health and Illness

The course title is pretty self-descriptive.  We will examine the role of society in the health status of the individuals and how the meanings of health and illness are constructed at various points in a person’s life.  This course, along with health communications, is an elective that I’m not required at all to take but I’m just really interested in.

ISP 330: Peer Education Theory and Practice for Service Immersion Leaders

This is a two credit course that I’m taking in order to prepare to lead a service immersion trip next year.  We will meet every Friday from 9am-12pm.  I couldn't be more excited about this class- I'm definitely going to have to hide my excitement on the first day so I don't look too crazy. 


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