U-Hall: The Cool Hall

Choosing a residence hall to live in was one of the toughest choices I had to make in preparation for college.  I had little information on how they were all different and I was really just looking to live in a social and outgoing environment.  I was ready to sacrifice my personal space for the typical college experience.  I ultimately chose University Hall (U-Hall) because I wanted to live in the Theme Communities.  I was debating between U-Hall and Seton Hall but ultimately chose to live in U-Hall to be a part of the Theme Communities.

I met some of my best friends at DePaul living in U-Hall.  I also met some of my best friends at another residence hall, Seton Hall.  I essentially felt adopted into life at Seton Hall but I had (and still have) strong pride for U-Hall.  Some of my favorite memories of freshman year took place in U-Hall.  One day, a few friends and I spent eight hours in the hallway having a lazy day.  We dragged our mattresses out into the hallway (which maybe wasn't allowed) and ordered food.  We didn't get up for anything else until midnight came around and quiet hours started.  Three different times, we had family dinners where about 20-30 people on our floor made food and we all ate together.

The Quad: the back (or front) yard of U-Hall.

A Family Dinner one Sunday evening.

Not only is U-Hall in one of the most central locations on campus, it's located right on the quad which means you'll never miss something fun going on out there. It was pretty common for me to come home and get free food from some event on the quad.  Living in such a central location made my furthest walk to class about five minutes.  Another awesome part of living on campus, in any residence hall, is the free events that you can attend.  I went to at least two Cubs games, the Sears Tower Skydeck, a boat tour of the Chicago River, and a few more pretty cool things, not to mention getting a lot of free food from events that the RA's planned at U-Hall.

So what was the best part about living in U-Hall?  Honestly, the people that I got to live by made my experience there great.  I would have been happy in just about any residence hall with the same people on my floor.  It's really up to you to decide how social you will be in your living situation and how you will go about meeting people that live next to you.  I promise that if you branch out and make yourself a little vulnerable you'll be happy you did so.

Our 8 hour lazy day in the hallway.
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