Class in My Living Room: My First Foray Into The World of Online Classes

      Beginning this week, I have undertaken something I have never done before in my life: I am taking a December intersession class online. Specifically, I am taking LSP 200 or Sophomore Seminar: Multiculturalism in the United States online.

This is an adventure for me as I have always had an aversion to online classes before. I’m a bit of a purist and believe the physical classroom is more effective in facilitating the education process than an online forum. I like to be able to discuss my opinions and ideas with classmates face-to-face and be able to ask questions of my professor in person.

That being said, I do understand the importance of online courses. They are an important step in the process of making education more available to a wider section of people in not only our country but also the entire world and technology, as it is today, has improved the quality of these courses greatly. Heck, I’m taking this course when I could easily be taking it during the regular academic session.

I’m realizing that the benefits of taking this course online are far outweighing any nostalgic misgivings I may have about online courses in general. I am able to take this class during the intersession while splitting my physical time between Chicago and St. Louis and I will get the full credits for the class as if I had taken it during the regular term. The topic of the class is also something that I find very interesting so I am confident I will be able to stay engaged and updated with the goings-on of the course despite not having a weekly class time to go by. Who knows? Maybe I will really enjoy being able to go to class while sitting in the comfort of my own home. This will be a very interesting experience.

What I imagine the internet to look like.
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Tyler’s Hot Track of the Week:

Jack White can, and will, seemingly do anything. He never ceases to amaze me. This week’s track comes from his second project, The Raconteurs, and their album Consolers of the Lonely. This is just good, old-fashioned, bluesy rock and roll. Turn this up loud. And I mean VERY LOUD. Wishing you a pleasant week, good friends.
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