Fun in the Lincoln Park sun: Orientation time again

Ooh, summer is sweet. I’m currently back at home in St. Louis for a spell. Seeing old friends, chilling with my sister, it’s beautiful. But I know right around now many recently graduated high school seniors who have decided to attend DePaul will be getting ready to attend orientation on campus in Lincoln Park. That is pretty freaking exciting.

Orientation is a big step. I know for me it was when it really started to feel real that college was actually happening. And it was also very scary because you want to make a good impression among your soon-to-be peers at DePaul. Relax, dear friends. All will be well. Here’s an opportunity for you to have some fun. The thing orientation is best for is really getting an idea of the “feeling” of DePaul. The Orientation Leaders are great at setting up an environment where you can really start to feel comfortable being a part of the community. My roommate was an Orientation Leader last year and he went through serious training to have the skills to create a great orientation experience. So you’re definitely in good hands with those folks.

Some advice on how to maximize your orientation experience? Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The orientation staff is there for you so take advantage of the opportunity to ask any and all questions that may be on your mind. Also, don’t count anyone out as a buddy. You never know who you’ll end up hanging out with during orientation and you might end up connecting with the person you least expect to. Orientation is the first of your opportunities in college to start fresh, make new friends, and be exactly who you want to be. It’s a brave new world.

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Also, if you have people who need a place to hang out while you’re doing orientation stuff and they can’t join you, the Bourgeois Pig down Fullerton past Halsted is a cool café if your people want a place for a cup o’ coffee and a scone and there’s a Barnes & Noble at Webster and Clybourn if they’re looking for a book or magazine or something. Hope you all have a killer time at orientation!

Tyler’s Hot Track of the Week:

I’ll keep trying to provide some sweet summer jams as the weeks go on. Here’s a great one from British band Stornoway. Shout out to my friend Maggie for introducing me to this one a while back!
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