It really is a different city in the summer

It’s summer in Lincoln Park. Being my first summer spent in Chicago, I wasn’t sure what to expect of the campus mood. I guess I didn’t think it would be much different. But it very much is. I don’t mean this in a bad way at all. DePaul just has a very particular kind of summer atmosphere. The key thing to remember is “watch out”. There is a lot of construction going on both on and off campus. So if you’re coming, make sure to pay attention to where you are walking. You don’t want to trip in a pothole or anything. That would really put a bad taste for DePaul in your mouth!

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But other than that specific characteristic of the campus during the summer, the biggest difference is more of a feeling than anything. It’s just a very laid back time. You can tell everyone is really enjoying the work they are doing during the summer and get some good relaxation time. For the Theatre School, we’re moving into the new building and everyone is very anxious and excited to get into the new digs. It should be a very smooth transition and we are all looking forward to getting down to some really fantastic work in our new home.

So if you’re visiting any time soon, enjoy the campus! It’s a great oasis in the middle of the city and take advantage of some of the restaurants that offer very comfortable outdoor seating.

Tyler’s Hot Track of the Week:

This week’s hot track is one of my best jams for a summer day. Origin of Symmetry is a fantastic album that everyone should give a listen at some point.
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