Winter, I mean, Spring is Coming

Ah! it’s back to DeBlogs! I hope all of you readers out there had pleasant spring breaks whenever they might have been over the last month or so. As you might already know, us DePaulers are just getting back from our break and flinging open windows Julie Andrews style in celebration of spring. Seriously, though. It’s about time. I couldn’t take another snow. Where in the name of all that is good and holy is the warmth?? Calm down, self. It’s coming.

For me and probably many others, spring always feels like the beginning of a new year. A time for resolutions and those moments where you say to yourself or out loud “From now on…” and then insert your pledge of choice. I’m going to use my calendar more often. I’m going to go to the gym because it’ll be so nice out that I’ll want to go all the time, right? Right?? Well, let’s hope so. The thing about resolutions is that it’s hard to stop making them because a part of each resolution is that you will make up for every failed resolution that preceded it. Talk about vicious cycle. Nevertheless, one of my best boys, Noah, and I were discussing what we will make different this spring. What sort of life-altering, world-changing decisions will we make during this spring? In short, we still have to figure it out but I’m sure the warmth and sweet pollen in the air will bring us inspiration.

Academically, I’m very excited because I will be taking a religion course this quarter. The title of the class is Religion and Politics in the Middle East. I am always fascinated with how religion gives people a way of making sense of our world and most of the time gives them a code by which to live on a day-to-day basis. As I may have mentioned in the past, both sides of my family are strongly Catholic and so I am incredibly excited to be exposed to some faith systems with which I am not altogether familiar with. I figured this course would be a good one because the title and description are just vague enough that it will probably give me a good foundation in terms of my education in faiths like Islam and Judaism. That will hopefully send me in the right direction toward gaining a greater understanding of how they work on a deep level.

In the coming weeks, I hope to give you readers an idea of what great opportunities the city provides as it thaws out from the deep of winter. Hopefully I’ll find some primo fields in which to frolic!

Tyler’s Hot Track of the Week:

This week’s hot track comes from a place very, VERY close to home for me. My best friends from St. Louis are in a band called Without Hazard and they, if I might be so bold, are fantastic. They are just beginning to break out on the St. Louis music scene and all of you out there should definitely give them a listen and like their Facebook page. You will not regret it.

without.hazard <--- Without Hazard's Facebook page! You should like it!
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