The Case for Living on Campus

When deciding what college I was to attend, I heard from many people that they thought I would be sacrificing a “campus life” if I went to DePaul because it is in a city and not situated in a college town like so many other colleges around the country. For me, that wasn’t really a concern. I knew I wanted to be in a city and I figured that there would be enough of a campus culture that I would be more than satisfied here at DePaul. Luckily, I was right!

Despite the fact that DePaul is a truly urban school, I felt that living on campus last year was the best decision I could have made. I lived in University Hall (UHall) right on the Quad. The best part about living in UHall in my opinion was that it is suite-style.

Each room has a bathroom that it shares with one other room as opposed to the community-style bathrooms that are present in a few of the dorms here on campus. These are considered commonplace at most colleges. I liked it because it afforded me a bit more privacy than I would have had in a community-style situation. It really felt like I, my roommate, and my suitemates were living in our own apartment within the context of the dorm.

Of course, a suite-style situation has its pros and cons. We were required to clean our own bathroom while those who had a community bathroom did not have to. Again, for me this was ok. I am a weirdo and sometimes enjoy cleaning so it usually fell to me to clean our bathroom. Could my roommate or one of my darn suitemates have taken it upon themselves to clean it every once in a while? Yeah, but the past is the past and I did learn something from the experience. It was another layer of responsibility that we had to grow accustomed to living away from home. And would you know it? Cleaning the bathroom at our apartment usually falls to me now as well. Thanks, my darling roommates. You guys rock. (There is a hint of sarcasm there but they are some great dudes. Truly.)

Anyway, besides the bathroom culture at UHall, I also just really liked living at UHall because I connected well with my neighbors. We organized movie nights and had study sessions on our floor often several times a week. We also took advantage of many of the opportunities offered to us by the university both on campus and off campus like a trip to see the musical In The Heights downtown and seeing several concerts in the student center or going to Fest on the Quad. I never felt that a true campus culture was lacking here at DePaul and loved being a part of the campus community. In fact, my experience last year has made me still feel quite connected to the goings-on of the campus despite the fact that I am not living there anymore.

Tyler’s Hot Track of the Week:

A quintessential 90's band, Fastball has been a mainstay on the iPods of my friends and I for years. These late 90's alternative bands are one of my favorite niche genres. I think a lot of it has to do with hearing these bands like Third Eye Blind, the Wallflowers, and Fastball on the radio all the time during my tween years. They haven’t left me yet and I don’t see them doing so anytime soon! Hope this brings you back!
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