The To-Do List to END All To-Do Lists!

Well, the quarter’s over for me. Put this one in the books. It was long and at times rough but I must say that I have found it quite rewarding. I’ve learned a lot and even managed to have some fun along the way. I made it safely home to St. Louis for this Thanksgiving week yesterday and have had a good chance to mull the quarter over. With that in mind, I’ve begun to plan out some of my goals and desires for next quarter. Here’s a taste of what I’ve come up with so far.

During my time in Chicago, I’ve been able to take advantage of many of the wonderful arts opportunities available but there are a few that I have missed out on, for whatever reason, so far. To name just a few, I haven’t had a chance to attend a performance by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra or attend a show at the Lyric Opera. What is wrong with me?! It’s a travesty, really. It should be illegal to have gone this long and not done either of these things. So my goal is to see a symphony performance sometime during the December Intersession. They have fantastic student deals and I know I will not be disappointed. After that, I must see a performance at the Lyric Opera either during intersession or as early as possible into winter quarter. It will be a completely brand-new experience for me, as I have never attended the opera before. I look forward to busting out the fancy threads and making a night of it.

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra
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Also, very high on my to-do list is to visit the Baha’i Temple in Wilmette, Illinois, not too far north of the city. This temple has always intrigued me just because I do not know much about the Baha’i faith but the more I read, the more fascinated I become. From what I can tell from the pictures and everything I’ve read, it is an amazingly beautiful sight and also important because it is one of only seven Baha’i temples in the entire world. Granted, the gardens surrounding the temple may not be quite as vibrant in January as they might be later into the spring but I still think it will be a great day trip. And I’ll definitely make another trip up when the gardens are in full bloom. This is just the first entry on what I’m sure will be a long, long list of things to-do in my upcoming time in Chicago. Over my next couple posts, I hope to share as many of my ideas for the upcoming quarter with all of you! So much to explore, so little time.

The Baha'i Temple in Wilmette, IL.
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Tyler’s Hot Track of the Week:

Since I’m back home in STL, I thought I might throw a little city pride out there for this week’s hot track. It comes from local boys Pokey LaFarge & The South City Three. They are a wonderful bluegrass/blues outfit that has really been doing some great work lately. Recently, they have been opening for another one of my favorites, Jack White, on his solo tour. Funny story: I actually randomly met them in the St. Louis airport in late May of this year when they were headed to Los Angeles to open for Mr. White and I was headed back up to Chicago. They were extremely nice fellas and were more than happy to oblige me asking for a picture. So, I hope they can get a nice toe-tap out of you and who knows? Maybe they would make a good addition to your Turkey Day playlist. Have a great holiday week, digital friends!
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