Tips for auditions and interviews (because they'll be here soon!)

In the coming weeks, I will be traveling with the Theatre School Admissions team to Lincoln, Nebraska for the International Thespian Festival. This is a very exciting trip because we get to spend a full week getting to know high school thespians from around the world. There will be auditions that we will be watching and we will also be manning a booth on campus all week so anyone who is interested in TTS can come and get some info from us. In light of this trip, I have some tips for any rising high school seniors who are thinking of applying and auditioning or interviewing to the Theatre School.

For those of you interested in auditioning for the BFA Acting major, this summer will be a great time to prepare your monologue if you don’t already have one prepared. My biggest advice when choosing a monologue for this particular audition is to pick a piece that you think shows a bit of who YOU are. While we do want to see how you handle text in the audition setting, we also want to see you as an individual and figure out if you might be someone who we think has the kind of demeanor that could thrive in the Theatre School. So pick something close to your age and pick something that you really care about! Don’t choose a piece that you hate but you think is what we want to see. We really just want to see you. For students interested in design/tech or theatre studies majors, take advantage of the summer to get together your portfolios or writing samples. For your interview process, we obviously very much want to see your dedication to the theatre but we also want to see who you are as an artist in the larger sense of the word. So when you are putting together your portfolios, certainly put all of your theatre stuff in there but also throw in any other artistic pieces you are proud of. We’re definitely interested in that stuff too!

And then my piece of advice for ALL of you rising seniors would be to set up a Gmail or Yahoo mail account specifically for all of your college-related emails. Trust me, it may seem like a hassle but you will not regret it when the storm of college emails really starts to get intense in the coming months.

Also, check out this live stream of the construction of the new Theatre School. If that doesn't get you excited, I don’t know what will!

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Tyler’s Hot Track of the Week:

I went to the Esselman family reunion this weekend and it was a sheer blast. My step-mom reminded me of this gem from a band called The Presidents of the United States of America. How could I have forgotten this one?! Shame on me. I want to help you not make the same mistake. Happy Summer, everyone!
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