We have landed at Thespian Festival

So here we are in Lincoln, Nebraska. The admissions team and I (affectionately known as Team ADMA) made the roughly nine hour trek from Lincoln Park to the heart of Nebraska yesterday so that we can represent DePaul at the International Thespian Festival. It was a fairly easy trip in the Theatre School van. We enjoyed some Catchphrase and napping to pass the time.

Today, we don’t have too much to do other than set up the Theatre School booth that we will inhabit all week. It is tomorrow that things will really start to get into full swing. The college exhibits will open for the festival participants to enjoy and we will begin to see auditions and portfolios from the students themselves. I love that part. It’s a really cool experience for me to see auditions because I was literally in the same place as these kids three years ago. I came to the festival in the summer of 2010 as a participant and did the very same set of auditions that I am sitting on the other side of now. It’s a very educational practice because, up until last year, I had never really seen it from that perspective. I was always the one auditioning but now I have to exercise my opinion on whether or not I think these students might be a good fit for DePaul’s program. It is a lesson I have certainly used in my own auditioning.

You just want to come in confident but humble and put forth your best effort. The people on the other side of the table watching you audition want you to do a good job so hopefully you will feel that air of support. It’s also important to remember for all of you at these auditions that for the vast majority of the schools, including DePaul, these auditions won’t actually count towards admission or scholarship. In light of that, you should just go out there and take it as a dry run for the auditions that you will undoubtedly have many of in the coming fall and winter. Any opportunity to practice your audition pieces in front of people, especially people who have audition experience, is valuable. So if you’re her in Lincoln this week, come say "hi" to us on the second floor of the Lied Center! It should be a fun, sweltering hot week in the American heartland.

The University of Nebraska in Lincoln.
photo courtesy: colleges.usnews.com

Tyler’s Hot Track of the Week:

This week’s hot track comes from a great band called Foxy Shazam. They are just a knock-down, drag-out, truly fun band. This is some real rock and roll. Have a great week, dear readers.

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