From Champaign to the DePaul Men's Basketball Team

Edwind McGhee is a Junior from Champaign, IL. He joined the DePaul Men's Basketball Team as a walk-on in October 2010, Vice President of the Captains’ Council – a leadership group of DePaul athletes and has been described as the "glue guy" of the team by The DePaulia, DePaul's weekly newspaper. This week, he blogs about being a student-athlete and why he chose DePaul.

Being a native of the great city of Champaign, Illinois, I frequently get asked the question… “Why didn’t you go to the University of Illinois?” And my reply is always, “Campus is just too close to home.” The U of I campus is literally just five minutes away from my house and over my 18 years of life in Champaign, I made my fair share trips to that campus. Don’t get me wrong, the U of I campus is very vast and beautiful but it just wasn’t for me.

So why did I choose DePaul? To be honest, DePaul University was the last school that I even applied to. Coming out of high school, my dream was to play Division-One basketball in the NCAA, but I never received any D-1 offers. I had some Division –two offers and some junior college offers, but that just was not enough for me. So I decided that I would just go to school on an academic scholarship and try to walk-on to a team. There were three schools on my application list all across the Midwest. As the end of my junior year was approaching, I found out that I got into all the schools that applied to, and out of those schools I was leaning towards one in Indiana. For one, I loved the campus and two; I already had connections with their head basketball coach, because he was recruiting one of my high school teammates. But this would all change.

One day my dad randomly suggested that I should apply to DePaul University. Honestly, I never heard of DePaul before my dad mentioned it to me, and I definitely didn’t think it was in the beautiful city of Chicago. When my dad gave me that suggestion, I told him that it was too late for me to apply anywhere else because, it was pass the usual due dates for applications to be sent to the prospective schools. But he still urged me to do it and being the obedient son that I am; I got online and looked up DePaul University. Sure enough the application deadline was extended, and I guess you can say that the rest is history.

I have been in love with DePaul ever since I first stepped foot on to campus. The diverse student body, the city of Chicago itself and the six week winter break are just a few things that contribute to the great college experience that I am having here. At DePaul, I have made a lot of friends and met some amazing teachers, and on top of that, I am proud to say that I am living my dream of being a Division-One student-athlete. I plan on continuing to have a great experience here at DePaul and when graduation comes around, I’ll be proud to say that I am graduate of DePaul University.

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