Q&A with Groupon’s Alicia Koch

We had the pleasure of speaking with the bubbly Alicia Koch, a current DePaul senior studying Hospitality Leadership with a concentration in Non-Profits. Alicia, a Minnesota native, is passionate about her unique job as the Senior Executive Intern with the Social Innovation Team at Groupon. She has some great advice for students in the workforce.

Have your experiences at DePaul helped you to succeed in your job? How so?

I tell everybody that DePaul breeds special people, and I truly believe in that. These special people have helped me and supported me in developing the skills and traits that make me successful in the work that I do.

Aside from that, I feel that the work I do at Groupon directly aligns with the Vincentian mission and third tenant of Socially Responsible Leadership of contributing to the larger community. Being a student at DePaul University, we are surrounded by the concepts of servant leadership and social responsibility, and it has been really rewarding to see my values and passions align with my academic experience as well as my work experience.

Do you have any advice for students about working while in school?

Get a day planner! While I wish I were kidding, my day planner is my bible as I attempt to keep my life in order while being an excessively involved twenty-something. But in all seriousness, my advice for students about working while in school is to do what you love. As students, we get so wrapped up in the crazy lifestyle of juggling coursework, extracurriculars, a social life, and whatever may be going on in our personal lives while somehow managing to hold a job that will get us through these collegiate years.

Find a job that aligns with your values and allows you to do what you are truly passionate about. Find a job that is going to give you energy rather than drain you.

What has this experience taught you?

Through my experience as the Senior Executive Intern with Groupon’s Social Innovation Team, I have found what it truly means to be a life-long learner. As I continue to grow throughout this experience, I have been able to see those on my team grow through transition and personal development as well – just reassuring the fact that the learning doesn’t end upon graduation.

For more information about Alicia’s work at Groupon, check out:  https://grassroots.groupon.com/

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