Premiere DePaul 2013

Danielle Harris is an incoming freshman from Belvidere, IL majoring in Communication. She blogs this week about her recent experience at Premiere DePaul, our freshman orientation program.


It’s hard to process the fact that I will actually be living in Lincoln Park in just a couple months, and the first thing to make that reality feel a bit more real is Premiere DePaul.

Premiere DePaul is DePaul University’s orientation program for first year students. It is there that you get your student ID, sign up for classes, and meet other students for the first time. To be completely honest, I was a bit nervous for orientation. I felt like it would tell me a lot about how the next four years of my life would be like. Will I get along with the other students? Will I like the faculty? And most importantly, (in my mind, at least) HOW IS THE FOOD?

The good news is that the answer to all of these questions was a pleasant surprise to me. I met plenty of students from all around the country that I got along with quite well. Premiere DePaul begins with having incoming freshmen explore current student organizations at the Student Center. Students and guests (mostly parents) then were split up and students went through a day of learning about their future life at DePaul, meeting students with the same declared major, speaking with current students, and taking a tour of the Lincoln Park campus’ hidden gems.

The second day we were able to do what we all came for: Choose our first quarter class schedule. Lucky for me, I signed up for the first orientation possible, and therefore had the best picks for class times. We were also able to tour the Loop Campus. Most importantly for me as a communications major, I was also able to tour the communications building.  Orientation concluded with a chat with my small group and orientation leader, and then we received our student IDs. 

Happy Blackhawks fans throughout the streets of the Loop campus.  
Photo credit: A slightly bitter Danielle Harris

What were the downsides of orientation, you ask? Well, I can tell you that there were two standout negatives that definitely put a damper on my trip. The first was that the second day when we were visiting the Loop campus was also June 28th, the day of the Blackhawks Parade. It was terribly depressing cutting through crowds of excited fans and not being able to join them. The other downside of orientation was that my mom is a very emotional woman and began crying at the introduction video that was just current students and faculty welcoming the incoming freshmen to DePaul. She can be quite the embarrassment.

I think the most surprising part of Premiere DePaul was the fact that it made me realize my future of moving to Chicago is not just a thing of the distant future. It is coming up much faster than I had realized, and I am actually completely okay with that. Graduating high school may be the end of an era, but it is also the beginning of a new (and may I add, much more exciting) one. The next four years will be challenging, riveting, all at the same time. Considering I have finally attained my DePaul student ID, I am now considering myself an official Blue Demon.

My orientation group that I had the pleasure of spending my first two days at DePaul with.   Photo credit: My orientation leader, Nick.

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